About Us

The Spagnolo Salvatore brand has been in business for over thirty years as a specialist fashionista and is distinguished by its ability to develop top level women’s collections.

The team’s in-depth knowledge of the Style&Fashion industry enables it to handle the various steps of the project – from the design sketches to the basic pattern through to creating the sample garments. This is followed by seasonal production in appropriate times.


One of the foundations for the quality of Spagnolo Salvatore is its Italian nature, both in terms of both its taste in style and labour.
The result is a real MADE IN ITALY company that to date a number of top level names have requested.
The “family-run” mark of the company structure is its key strength and even now the stylistic approach of this firm is based on the know-how, flair and skill of the people who make and work on the garments.
A stylistic and cultural background that means they can often work directly from the original design, without the need for a pattern.










Made in Italy